Between the 13th and 18th January 2017, A flyer was distributed to most of the households in Whiteparish and to selected points in neighbouring parishes, outlining our ambition to campaign and fundraise to buy the King's Head pub, which had then been closed for over two years.

A questionnaire on the back of the flyer asked householders if they supported the broad aim of re-opening the pub; and asked further questions about how many visits household members might make in a month; the services, features, and catering they would like to have available if the pub did re-open; and whether they would help either financially or in kind to support the project. (A pdf copy of the flyer and questionnaire can be downloaded from this website.)

169 questionnaires were returned. The most significant finding was that 162 of those 169 respondents were in favour of the King's Head re-opening. The following bar charts were derived from the survey input, and are shown together with the questions that they related to on the survey form.

Would you like to see the Kings Head re-opened as a second thriving pub in Whiteparish?

barchart of results from the re-open? question

If you ticked yes, approximately how many visits would you and/or other members of your household be likely to make in total per month?

barchart of results from the how many visits per month? question

What additional services would you most like to see the pub offer?

barchart of results from the what extra services should the pub offer? question
Some Suggested Extra Services
  • Welcoming landlord -personal service.
  • Wine tasting evenings, cocktail making evenings.
  • Marquee for outside events and theatre.
  • This pub would have to be a genuine alternative to the Parish Lantern. If it is only a duplication both may fail.
  • I don't believe the village can support two pubs any longer, unless the second is a venue that offers food worth travelling for.
  • Small animals, free vend children's arcade, free vend juke box, skittle alley.
  • Pool table, cinema.
  • Board games, quizzes, -encourage young people to come.
  • Occasional small cinema club (film, drinks, discussion, etc.).
  • Instead of just a pub -a coffee shop selling alcohol too.
  • No children.
  • Space for art & craft workshop at back, small bakery, microbrewery.

What kind of catering would you like to see offered in the pub?

barchart of results from the what kinds of catering should be offered? question
Suggested Catering Styles and Options
  • Providing good quality food while maintaining the character of a traditional pub with space and a welcome for drinkers.
  • Good food, not gastro, home cooking.
  • Gastro -e.g. New Forest venison, Test trout, Pumpkin Patch pumpkins, Lyburncheeses, etc. Fresh food -not microwaved from frozen!
  • It should have the ambience and food like the Rockingham Arms.
  • A good chef essential -fresh food rather than a huge range.
  • Provision of school dinners to All Saints Primary School.
  • Cakes.
  • Whatever increases margins.
  • Food from 6pm -better for kids.
  • Good home-cooked food is key.
  • What is needed is a good quality restaurant pub.
  • Good food but not expensive gastro-pub -basically as the Fountain in its heyday when run by Steve & Julie.
  • Home-made good food.
  • Home-made meals but not 'gastro'. Quality ingredients and cooking.
  • Good and varied.
  • Excellent standard restaurant food.
  • Keep it simple -6-8 unbelievable dishes. Get reputation, people will travel also.
  • Good old British cuisine -and a curry!
  • Somewhere between basic bar food and gastro pub food -nice good food, not too posh.
  • Decent pub food.
  • Just simple good quality fresh food.
  • Good home-cooked food.
  • Home-cooked food.
  • Curry -something different from Parish Lantern.

Would you or anyone in your household be interested in helping a co-operative pub project in any way by:

barchart of results from the how can you help with the project? question

Who We Are

The King's Head Community Group are a collection of people living in or near Whiteparish, Wilts, who all share a common concern: that the much-loved King's Head (currently closed) should be saved from being sold as a private residence and should re-open as a pub–if possible a community-owned one–and resume its proper role as a Whiteparish institution!