If our community is to succeed in acquiring the King's Head and saving it from the possibility of being sold for housing, we will have to raise a sizeable proportion of the purchase price from local supporters. The intention is to set up a Community Benefit Society (CBS) or similar that can act as the legal entity for managing the project, handling ingoings and outgoings, etc—and once the CBS is in existence it will of course have a bank account where investments can be deposited. The CBS will be set up as early as feasible, along with a formal share purchase scheme, but there is bound to be a delay before it is operational.

In the meantime potential investors can record their willingness to invest in the purchase by means of a pledge. We anticipate the share purchase scheme will be based on £50 a share, with a minimum purchase of five shares (i.e. £250). From the minimum £250 you can set your pledge in £50 share increments at anything up to a maximum of £100,000. Alternatively, you can pledge to make a charitable donation. (Please note that lodging a pledge is not a binding agreement, but of course we hope to match share purchases to any share pledges.)

You can make a pledge in any of the following ways:

1. Obtain a pledge form from the Whiteparish Village Store, or by downloading a form from this website and printing it. Fill in the form, fold it, and return it to the village store, where it will be kept securely, and the completed forms will be collected regularly.

2. Or download the form from this website as above for reference, and send an email, containing all the same information requested on the form, to us at
(Note, that's not a link, you'll need to copy-and-paste it into your email program.)

3. Or download the form from this website as above, print it, fill it in, then mail it or deliver it to the following address:
John Harrison
Clay Street
SP5 2ST,

Who We Are

The King's Head Community Group are a collection of people living in or near Whiteparish, Wilts, who all share a common concern: that the much-loved King's Head (currently closed) should be saved from being sold as a private residence and should re-open as a pub–if possible a community-owned one–and resume its proper role as a Whiteparish institution!